UV-A Lights are the brand new, what’s happening on our streets! 

Im amazed at the changes in the structures around us that we seldom notice until it’s almost too late. The same thing goes for myself and the example that I am getting ready to share with you about my experience. However, let me preface this story by letting you know that I do not have any additional proof besides the connecting supporting facts that make sense. One of my friend/followers reminded me that it takes a few months before the truth meets the conspiracy anyway. So lets have at the details.

This is how it all began, I was driving while at work on several given days. During this time, I noticed that they street lights were not a normal white or gave off that old yellow hue. In this case it was infact an illuminated blue florescent like color. In this case, it instantly resembled a black light. Once I arrived at the next stop I was able to look into the details of the street lights changing colors. Upon research is when I discovered that I wasn’t the only one that was seeking the truth on the lights and in fact they were black lights.

So here’s where my ass got nosy…

I wondered what would be the reason they would need to have them on residential streets as well as in the various pictures that I captured on the highways. I also wondered what could be inside of us that could be captured by this light since it is commonly known that black lights expose hidden ink. Given this information and the thought that it could be within us, lead me to think of the ink that they put in test to expose the veins for various procedures. For me that thought came to mind because I used to be a Phlebotomist at a Plasma center where I had to perform venipuncture and it also remind me of the time I had to drink a substance that would allow my sugar to be spiked which inadvertently enlarged the size of my veins. 

My new saying is “My Math Ain’t Math-ing” because, according to the details and my previous experience; I conclude that I needed to find out if the jabs ingredients would show the use of a similar chemical that would expose the sight of it by use of the black light. Indeed, the details reported that there was a study that showed that UV-a was used in the trials of the vaccine. However, the document also included that it was no longer in the vaccine. My gut tells me that it’s a wording game because till this date the actual jab has not been officially approved. It was only approved for the trials and emergency use. Furthermore, you can find documents that indicate that you would be able to identify if a child has been vaccinated by an ink that could be found in their system. Go figure of the truth will begin to come out the more people begin to question the gaslighting reporting of the Duke energy company stating the lightbulbs are experiencing a technically difficulty and will be replaced accordingly. Also Duke Energy has been upgrading many of their older and less efficient lights with LED lighting over the past few years is what they are currently reporting. 

However, researchers from MIT might created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself for children, and it’s only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter, it doesn’t indicate what type of lighting or radiation would come from the camera though. The thought of the type of app frequency verification left me hangin in that article. Shucks, even Hitachi is working on an ink to control products from production to consumption. Who’s to tell what the true purpose it at this time, but I know the details are some where and I’m going to find the connection to these black lights popping up and I’m not relying on 5G alone!